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Retail-Ready Packaging

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Retail-ready packaging (RRP), also known as shelf-ready, display-ready or shopper-ready packaging, is continuing to gain popularity and traction throughout the United States. This is due to an increased understanding of RRP and the ever-growing penetration of RRP across categories. IPR offers a turn-key, retail-ready program designed specifically for each retailer.

We partner with retailers and suppliers to ensure consistency and quality of carton design and print throughout all stores. IPR optimizes the supply chain and leverages purchases to keep costs in line while offering upscale benefits to both retailers and suppliers.

Retailer Partnerships

Retailers have taken notice at how the economics of high volume, fast moving consumer goods have changed in recent years. Led by big box stores, these retailers have seen the wisdom in trimming one of their biggest costs of operation: labor. Typically made of corrugated packaging, RRP streamlines the process of in-store stock replenishment and reduces the number of hours spent restocking and “facing up” product on the shelves.

Not only does RRP reduce labor expense, but it also results in less product damage and a neater, more appealing shelf appearance. As a result, RRP enhances the brand image and increases sales by drawing customers’ attention at the shelf. A win-win for the retailer, supplier and consumer.

*According to Packaging World.


Supplier Relationships

Suppliers often perceive RRP as a cost of doing business without fully understanding the potential strategic benefits. The fact is a retail-ready package specifically designed to perform optimally from the point of manufacture to the moment of selection by the consumer can deliver wins across the supply chain.

  • Increase Sales

RRP enhances brand awareness and allows for product to be easily identified and located on the shelf. Properly constructed corrugated packaging with quality graphics positively influences consumers’ buying decisions, resulting in products moving off retailers’ shelves faster.

  • Offer Competitive Advantages

RRP benefits the retailer’s bottom line by reducing one of their biggest costs of operation: labor. As a result, major retailers are driving steady growth in the RRP market, which provides suppliers with competitive opportunities. Demand for RRP will continue to grow as the number of large supermarkets and hypermarkets increase, not only in the United States and Canada, but in emerging markets as well.

  • Help the Environment

Environmental sustainability is becoming part of the brand image and marketing approach of more and more major retailers. Today’s sophisticated RRP designs help reduce extraneous packaging materials, benefitting the entire supply chain and our planet. In many cases, RRP can eliminate entire portions of traditional packaging solutions, while delivering superior structural strength through a variety of corrugated packaging innovations.

Retail-Ready Packaging Solutions

  • Incremental Sales Lifts
  • Retailer/Supplier Partnerships
  • Increased Promotional Opportunities

  • Sourcing/Leveraged Purchasing Power/Managed Inventories
  • Supply Chain Optimization