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Our Capabilities

Whatever the need, IPR’s teams of experts will create the right solutions to yield optimal results.

  • Graphic, Structural & Display Design
  • Custom-Tailored & Unique Solutions

Temporary & Permanent
  • Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP)
  • Center Store/Aisle Reinvention

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Navigation & Management

  • Club Pallets
  • Contract Packaging
  • Inventory Management/Warehousing
  • Assembly/Collating/Kitting

  • Merchandising
  • Installation
  • Distribution


Our Process: Concept. Create. Complete.

It all begins with a need or objective that is transformed into a viable solution.

Throughout each phase of the process, our teams of designers, engineers and project managers aim to create the proper solution, while keeping in mind the economic efficiencies in production, fulfillment, distribution and installation.

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1. Concept


The first phase is always the most critical phase of our process: seek to understand.

This phase begins with an initial conversation addressing the client’s ideas and/or challenges and ends with a clear and detailed understanding of their needs and objectives. It is throughout this process that we uncover obstacles, explore new opportunities and discuss appropriate timeframes, budgets and forthcoming expectations. 


2. Create


Once both parties are in full agreement on objectives, timeframes, budgets and expectations, the fun begins, and concepts are created.

It is during this phase that our teams of creative designers, project managers and engineers collaborate and explore unique possibilities and innovative solutions designed specifically to meet our client’s needs and objectives. Since we are not tied to using one particular substrate, concepts are always designed in the best interests of the client. Once final designs, prototypes and associated costs are approved, we then proceed to the completion phase. 


3. Complete


The final phase of the process: completion.

Our concepts become a reality. It is during this phase that the production, project management, engineering and fulfillment teams work towards completing the project. The creation is manufactured, packaged, fulfilled (sorted/kitted), shipped and installed (if necessary). A few months afterward, we meet again with the client to discuss the results of our creation.