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Center Store/Aisle Reinvention


In today’s supermarkets, the perimeter of the store is the fashion side of the grocery business. Shopping and eating patterns are changing, and those changes have threatening implications for food companies whose shelf-stable products have long filled the center store. Analysts have been surprised by the volume of sales declines over the last two quarters. With center store sales down, the most forward-looking supermarkets are rethinking the allocation of space, shrinking the center and expanding the perimeter.

IPR partners with retailers, CPG companies and, in some instances, global design centers in bringing outstanding retail concepts to life. Our teams of designers, engineers and project managers create, produce, manage and execute projects with complete precision. Whether a project involves 10 or 1,000 stores, IPR’s project teams will coordinate every aspect of the process to ensure the project delivers on time and within budget.

Center Store/Aisle Reinvention Solutions

  • Project Design
  • Value Engineering: Fabrication Shop Drawings and Prototyping

  • Project Management & Full Project Coordination
  • Rollout, Delivery & Installation